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Keys for Antique Trunks

We have a supply of keys for antique trunk locks which are becoming very scarce. If you do not have a key for your antique trunk, we may have one to fit. If we do not have your key, we may be able to locate one from our many antique trunk restorer associates across the country.

If you have an antique trunk with a lock and no key, here is how to begin your search for a key. Most antique trunk locks have engraved on them the manufacturers name and a number. For us to find your key, we need the name of the lock manufacturer and the number on the lock.

There were many American lock companies in business during the days when trunks were in great use. A few of the more prominent lock companies in early America were:

  • Yale Towne Mfg. Co. – Stamford, CT
  • Eagle Lock Company – Terryville, CT
  • Everlasting Lock Co. – New York, NY
  • Corbin Lock Company – New Britain, CT
  • C.A. Taylor Trunk Works – NY, Chicago
  • Excelsior Lock Company – Stamford, CT
  • The H&A Lock Company – New York
  • Star Lock Company – Philadelphia, PA
  • Taylor Lock Company – Philadelphia PA
  • Sargeant Lock Company – New Haven, CT
  • Long Lock Co. - Petersburg, VA

Most of these lock companies are no longer in business and information about them is difficult to find. Their keys have become scarce. The most common types of trunk keys were hollow/barrel, flat, and corrugated keys pictured below. Some companies had their own style locks and keys.


Barrel Key

Flat Key

Corrugated Key

If the lock on your antique trunk is locked and you have no key to open it, do not try to pry it open. You will invariably ruin the lock as well as the wood to which the lock is attached. Contact an antique shop, a locksmith or someone who restores or refurbishes old trunks and give them information printed on the lock.

To find your key, please submit the following information:

Lock Manufacturer’s Name
Key Number
Style (barrel key, flat key, corrugated key)

There will be a charge for the search and the key.

Please call us at 201-768-1742 or email us at for the cost.

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