The Manual

Here  at Last!!  - The manual that shows you

"How to Refurbish Your Antique Trunk"!

A Manual filled with information designed for those who have the desire to refurbish their own antique trunk!  It contains 66 pages of detailed information about refurbishing trunks with 82 pictures and diagrams to clarify instructions in the refurbishing process.

Find out how to:

  • clean an old trunk
  • remove rust, paint, old canvas, etc.
  • get rid of musty odors
  • remove and replace trunk hardware, locks, handles, studs, etc.
  • line the inside of your trunk
  • treat the outside of your trunk
  • install a new lid stay
  • construct a trunk tray
  • get the parts that you need

All this information for ONLY $24.95 plus $4.20 postage and handling!

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